Another batch of hotfixes arrives.

May 4 (Source)




Fixed an issue that caused the critical damage bonus of the Rising Star talent to be lower than intended.


Call Observer (PvP Talent) Laserbeam no longer procs from unintended effects, and no longer damages player pets and summons.


Fixed an issue where Legion Strike from Grimoire: Felguard was benefitting from Immutable Hatred.

Fixed an issue where Pact of the Imp Mother was not correctly benefitting from being Rank 2.

Items and Rewards

Rae’ena and Cataloger Jakes of the Dragonscale Expedition now have the drakewatcher manuscript Renewed Proto-Drake: Brown Hair in stock.



Fixed a bug that caused the Zaralek Glowbur buff to frequently break stealth and attract enemies.


Seething Cache now correctly cancels Insidious Insight on all players after being looted by the first player to reach it.

Fixed an issue where the creatures required to complete the quest Flesh To Bone were not spawning frequently enough.

Players who die and release spirit during the Sniffenseeking puzzle “Your Weight in Gold” will now correctly appear at the graveyard inside of the Mysterious Cave.

During the Sniffenseek dig “Heart of Iron’, Myrrit will be more helpful, to suggest sniffing for the final chest after the key is found.

The Smelly Bag for the Sniffenseeking tutorial “The Buddy System” should now re-appear if players do not loot or accidentally discard the key.

Added sparkles to certain objectives in Sniffenseeking to help improve visibility.


Fixed an issue that resulted in crashes for mac users under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue where player nameplates were not displaying correctly.

Fixed an issue where players would get an error when viewing a PvP vendor.

Fixed an issue where Pandaren did not have race change options.