It was a really crazy day in the Vault RWF, with a frankly insane amount action, side-by-side pulls by Liquid and Echo, a World First that came down to the wire and some first looks at the final boss herself.

We saw the Kurog Grtimtotem kill the day before and today brought the end of the penultimate boss of the Vault, Broodeeper Diurna, but not before her making some real trouble for both top guilds. First off, some 5 hours after waking up, Echo caught up to Liquid and grabbed the World 2nd on Kurog, taking 26 pulls to get it done. From then on we had the two top guilds progressing on the same boss and it was glorious indeed. By the end of the day Liquid were ahead, but as the Broodkeeper’s health kept dropping, the two guilds came closer and closer together. As Liquid pushed more and more, taking steady advancements and dozens of percentage points out of the boss HP at a time, when they reached the 10% mark Echo jump-started their progress, gaining about 40% in an hour and ending up only 1% away from Liquid.

However, that was just the beginning of the extremely close race to the Broodkeeper kill, as both guilds would have many very close calls after that, including an almost-solo kill for Liquid, a 0.008% wipe, and more.

And then came the chance at ultimate glory for JPC, as he was facing off against the penultimate boss of the Mythic vault 1 v 1:

Luckily for Liquid players’ mental health, they did manage to snag the win there, even after the definition of heartbreaking with that last wipe above, and with one of the cleanest kills ever.

Echo quickly followed, a little over an hour later, and grabbed the World 2nd:

That meant we now had the top two guilds progressing on the endboss of the raid side-by-side, with Liquid having a pretty small lead, but Echo did call it a night (albeit very late) at 4 pulls and 86%. Raszageth proved to be very knockback-happy, and progress is still going slow, with a 70% best after 53 pulls.

And here’s one of the shorter pulls of the boss, as showcasing her knockback skills:

The day also had many more Mythic kills, as BDGG and Instant Dollars grabbed the World 3rd and 4th on Dathea and moved to 5/8 and Kurog, Method and Skyline also got to Dathea as well and had a 15% and 37% best pulls, respectively.

A very hectic day but the main messages there were a) the race can be extremely intense and interesting to watch… if both top guilds actually progress on the raid at the same time, and b) Raszageth is no pushover and if Blizzard leave her as-is, she’s going to take a while to down.