Here come the first hotfixes of the new patch! We have quite a few class fixes, some PvP, UI and quest improvements, as well as some Wrath Classic action! The dreaded “could delete wrong character issue has also been resolved!

July 12 (Source)


Death Knight

Resolved an issue causing Army of the Dead to summon fewer ghouls than intended in non-PvP combat.


The Rising Light, Falling Night talent now correctly increases the damage or healing of periodic effects during the daytime.


Range indicator and raid frames should again match after logging into an Evoker and then into a different ranged class.



Holy Prism can no longer radiate to nearby enemies that are in breakable crowd control or not in combat with you.


Resolved an issue that could cause Heartfire Sentinel’s Authority to consume two charges of Hammer of Wrath when cast.

Player versus Player

Resolved an issue that could prevent players from earning the Elite appearance when changing PvP tiers.


Fixed an issue preventing Lord Banehollow from respawning properly “When Revenge Burns Green”.

User Interface

Fixed a bug causing the ‘Delete Character’ button to select a different character than intended.

Fixed a bug causing displayed health to not update and match actual health values.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Fixed an issue with Deep Wounds, Ignite, and Piercing Shots and their interactions when on a target that has been Cycloned.


Fixed an issue where Demonic Knowledge was not properly updating its effectiveness when the active demon’s stamina or intellect was changed.