The second batch of 10.0.5 hotfixes bring Evoker and Monk fixes, dragoinriding, quest and item improvements (with a focus on PvP on the latter), as well as a return of War Mode and Primal Storm vendors, and we get a little Wrath Classic fix in there as well.

January 25 (Source)




Fixed an issue causing Firestorm to extend Fire Breath longer than intended with the Everburning Flame talent.


Resonating Sphere will no longer count pets towards the 6 player cap.

Lifebind and other healing effects will no longer be capped at replicating to 7 targets from Echo.

Fixed an issue that caused Dream Breath to sometimes cast instantly when the spell was canceled.



Fixed an issue that caused Renewing Mist to not apply its heal over time effect.

Creatures and NPCs

The War Mode and Primal Storm vendors have returned for all of your upgrading needs.


Fixed an issue where Dragonriding customizations would not properly apply to mounts after being saved.

Items and Rewards

Crimson Gladiator’s Prestigious Cloak transmog now properly unlocks after earning Duelist: Dragonflight Season 1.

Crimson Gladiator’s Tabard transmog now properly unlocks after earning Elite: Dragonflight Season 1.

Crimson Gladiator’s Tabard can be purchased from Glamora in the Gladiator’s Sanctum within Valdrakken.

Crimson Gladiator’s Prestigious Cloak and Crimson Gladiator’s Tabard appearances will be granted to players who have earned the appropriate requirements during Dragonflight Season 1.

Developers’ note: For characters who have completed the appropriate requirements to earn the appearances during Season 1 may need to relog a few times to be added retroactively.


Rupert the Gentleman Elemental has redoubled his efforts to ensure that Handholds for Climbing World Quests across the Dragon Isles are always where they need to be.

The Azure Span

Fixed an issue where players who participated in the Community Feast would not get quest credit for the quests “Community Feast” or “Aiding the Accord: A Feast For All.”

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

The Transitus Shield will no longer dismount flying players or prevent flying.