More hotfixes arrive, with plenty of Mythic+ tuning, Darkmoon Deck changes and more.

January 23 (Source)

Dungeons and Raids

Algeth’ar Academy


Fixed an issue allowing players to line of sight Mana Bombs and Arcane Fissure.




Mark of Wind now prefers tank specialized players.

Developers’ note: We’ve heard the feedback from players that safely removing their mark on tank players can be overly dangerous in many situations. Tank players will still have the option of being involved in removing Marks of Lightning, but we believe this change will offer players increased flexibility in terms of how they choose to approach the affix.

Halls of Valor

Olmyr’s and Solsten’s health reduced by 25%.

Valarjar Aspirant health reduced 20%.

Valarjar Marksman health reduced by 10%.

Valajar Purifier health reduced by 20%.

The health of the four kings found in Odyn’s throne room has been reduced by 20%.

Valajar Champion’s no longer use Enraged Regeneration.

Ebonclaw Worg no longer use Ferocious Bite.

God-King Skovald

Is now less verbose when stating his claim to the Aegis of Aggramar.


Health reduced by 10%.


Health reduced by 10%.

Ravenous Leap bleed effect now has a 30 second duration (Was infinite).


The periodic damage on Runic Brand has been reduced by 20%.

The Nokhud Offensive

Balakar Khan

Nokhud Stormcaster health reduced by 20%.

Balakar Khan’s Static Spear prefers not to target the same player for subsequent casts.

Balakar Khan’s Static Spear area of effect damage reduced by 30%.

Teera and Maruuk

Ancestral Bond is now applied when Teera and Maruuk are 15 yards apart. (was 10 yards).

Vault of the Incarnates

Broodkeeper Diurna

Reduced the base damage on Stoneslam Detonation by 63%. This will reduce the need to bring only tank-specialization classes that can avoid the effect by being immune to it.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue with Darkmoon Deck: Dance where the cast was bouncing more or less than intended for certain cards.

Fixed an issue with Darkmoon Decks where players would sometimes not be granted a Card after the cooldown had completed.

Fixed an issue where, if a player lost their Spiteful Storm Aura, all players also using the trinket on the same target would lose their auras as well.