We have a lot of Vault of the Incarnates hotfixes in today’s batch, including more Raszageth Mythic nerfs. Then there’s the usual class, profession, reputation, PvP and quest improvements as well.

December 21 (Source)




Fixed an issue that could cause Rewind and Golden Hour to heal for unintended values when multiple Preservation Evokers are in a group or raid.



Fixed an issue that prevented Kingsbane from being modified by certain effect types. This notably included: The Rogue’s recent all ability damage reduction, Elaborate Planning’s damage modifier, and Master Assassin’s critical strike chance modifier.

Dungeons and Raids

Vault of the Incarnates

Fixed an issue where Vantus Runes were not logging in advanced combat logs.

Kalecgos now summons a portal allowing players to travel from The Primal Bulwark to The Outer Seal after Eranog has been defeated.

Unstable Earth’s Earth Detonation damage reduced by 40% on all difficulties.

Unstable Frost’s Frost Detonation damage reduced by 40% on all difficulties.

Unstable Flame’s Flame Detonation damage reduced by 36% on all difficulties.

Unstable Storm’s Storm Detonation damage reduced by 36% on all difficulties.

Removed Living Flame and Primal Stormsentry from the first group of enemies on the way to Kurog Grimtotem after defeating Sennarth on all difficulties.

Fixed an issue with the Primalist Flamecaller on the way to Kurog Grimtotem where it did not regenerate health after leaving combat on all difficulties.

Awakened Juggernaut’s Colossal Smash damage reduced by 20% on all difficulties.

Awakened Juggernaut health reduced by 17% on all difficulties.

Primal Stormsentry’s Electric Surge damage reduced by 20% and the time between casts increased on all difficulties.

Fixed an issue where lava from the Djaradin did not project on stairs properly on all difficulties.

Reduced the start/end size and growth rate of the lava from the Djaradin on all difficulties.


Thunderous Blast can no longer damage pets.

Raszageth’s health has been reduced by 5% on Mythic difficulty.

Stormsurge’s Shield has been reduced by 50% on Mythic difficulty.

Player versus Player


Ring of Fire will now more consistently apply to enemies who are standing still.

Solo Shuffle

100 wins above 2400 rating in Solo Shuffle now awards the title of “Legend” and the Legend: Dragonflight Season 1 achievement.

War Mode

The following changes have been made to Qalashi Wingshredder:

Cooldown reduced to 1 minute (was 2 minutes).

Cast time reduced to 1 second (was 2 seconds).

Range increased to 300 yards (was 200 yards).

Time for the ability to reach the target changed to 1 second (was based on distance travel time).


Fixed an issue where items in the player’s bank were not considered valid targets for salvaging.



The weekly “Relic Recovery” and “Preserving the Past” dungeon quests will now appear on the map for Valdrakken.


Iskaara Tuskarr

Community Feast bosses should now reliably reward the correct amount of reputation when killed.