Blizzard have announced they’ll be adding certain Dragonriding tree buffs and benefits to Dracthyr’s Soar racial, as well as that they’ve updated the Dragonriding races.

Dragonriding (Source)

Hello Dragonriders AND Dracthyr!

We’ve been hearing lots of feedback from players that Soar feels never worth using, especially as they progress through the Dragonriding Skill Track. While we don’t want them to feel identical, we do want to bring them closer together. We want players to feel like Soaring in the Dragon Isles is a powerful option that embodies the fantasy of flying as a Dracthyr. All the while, we also want Dragonriding to have unique benefits. We’re making some changes with the next build that are aimed toward these goals.

The Dragonriding Skill Track will now confer some benefits to Dracthyr Soar while the Dracthyr player is inside the Dragon Isles

Drake and Rider Training has been renamed to Take to the Skies and also increases Soar’s max speed to match that of Dragon Isles Drakes

Dynamic Stretching, Restorative Travels, Yearning for the Sky each reduce the cooldown of Soar by 40 sec, reducing it to 2 min with all of these traits

Together with Dracthyr’s Familiar Skies, this results in a possible 1 minute cooldown

Winds of the Isles, once unlocked, also affects Soar

Thank you all for soaring with us on this journey!

Also, in Dragonriding racing updates, we have the following callouts:

Gold and silver times have been updated for advanced courses

You can now change mounts during race start countdowns and not fail the race

Being a passenger and jumping quickly between different riders using Ride along should no longer remove your whelp visual

You can now use all your dragonriding abilities during races