Blizzard will be conducting a test for Dragonflight on the Beta, with the launch content available to test servers for 1 hour on Monday. They’ve recently invited many more players to the Beta, so make sure to check if you have it available on your launcher if you’d like to participate.

Test (Source)

On Monday, November 21, we’re going to test the launch of Dragonflight content in the Dragonflight Beta, and we hope you’ll join us.

There will be a new Beta realm called Launch Test.

At 21:00 CET, we’ll take all of the Beta realms offline.

21:30 CET – The Launch Test realm will come online in the pre-expansion-launch state (max level 60).

22:00 CET – Pre-launch closures (e.g. Elemental Storms) will occur.

23:00 CET – The Dragon Isles will become available, with leveling content and transport boats running.

0:00 Midnight CET – End of test. Launch Test realm will be shut down. Other realms will come back online in post-launched state, with characters preserved from before.

Please join us on Monday. See you there!