We have some news for Shamans in the form of new talents and tier set bonuses that were implemented in Dragonflight Beta Build 45969.


Shaman Tier Set Bonuses in Dragonflight

Shaman Elemental Class Set 2pc – Increases the damage of your next Earth Shock / Elemental Blast or Earthquake by 5%, stacking 5 times.

Shaman Elemental Class Set 4pc – Casting Earth Shock / Elemental Blast increases your Mastery by 8% for 5 sec.

Shaman Enhancement Class Set 2pc – Stormstrike increases the damage of your next Fire, Frost, or Nature ability by 10% and causes it to generate 1 stack of Maelstrom Weapon.

Shaman Enhancement Class Set 4pc – Consuming Maelstrom Weapon stacks increases your Haste by 1% for each stack consumed for 4 seconds.

Shaman Restoration Class Set 2pc – While Healing Stream Totem is active, your chance to critically strike is increased by 10%.

Shaman Restoration Class Set 4pc – Your critical heals have 215% effectiveness instead of the usual 200%.

New Spells/Talents

Please, keep in mind the following spells may just be copies of already existing spells/talents that were duplicated for testing purposes.

Tranquil Air – Summons a totem at your feet for 20 sec that prevents cast pushback and reduces the duration of all incoming interrupt effects by 50% for you and the 4 allies nearest to the totem within 30 yards.

Stoneskin – Summons a totem at your feet for 15 sec that grants 10% physical damage reduction to you and the 4 allies nearest to the totem within 30 yards.

Mana Spring Totem – Summons a totem at your feet for 2 min that restores 0 mana to you and 4 allies nearest to the totem within 30 yards when you cast Lava Burst. Allies can only benefit from one Mana Spring Totem at a time, prioritizing healers.

Magma Eruption – Summons a totem at the target location that erupts dealing [ 40% of Spell Power ] Fire damage and applying Flame Shock to 3 enemies within 8 yards. Continues hurling liquid magma at a random nearby target every 1 sec for 6 sec, dealing [ 23.1% of Spell Power ] Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards.

Surge of Power – Earth Shock, Elemental Blast, and Earthquake enhance your next spell cast within 15 sec:

Flame Shock: The next cast also applies Flame Shock to 1 additional target within 8 yards of the target.

Lightning Bolt: Your next cast will cause an additional 2 Elemental Overloads.

Chain Lightning: Your next cast will chain to 1 additional target.

Lava Burst: Reduces the cooldown of your Fire and Storm Elemental by 6.0 sec.

Frost Shock: Freezes the target in place for 6 sec.