Blizzard shared some Enhancement updates coming with next week’s DF Beta build.

DF Enh Shaman (Source)

Enhancement Shaman,

Some changes are coming to a build you will receive next week, and we wanted to discuss that here.

Stormbringer is now just something you know starting at level 10 as an Enhancement Shaman alongside your Mastery.

New 1-point talent in Stormbringer’s Spot: Storm’s Wrath. Increases the mastery bonus chance for Stormbringer and Windfury to activate by 100%. This is a multiplier, not additive.

Note, this only increases the bonus proc chance from Mastery, which is 0.64% without any gear, and does not affect the elemental damage bonus from Mastery.

Improved Maelstrom Weapon is now a 2 rank node, up from 1, for the same total benefit.

Focused Maelstrom has been removed.

Raging Maelstrom now increases the damage bonus to Maelstrom Weapon by an additional 5% in addition to increasing maximum stacks by 5.

A fair number of talents in rows 4-8 on the right side of the tree have shifted around in position.

Lashing Flames has added as a talent on the right side of the tree.

Alpha Wolf now procs from either Crash Lightning or Chain Lightning, rather than just Chain Lightning.

Legacy of the Frost Witch has had its design adjusted a bit and is still 2 ranks: Every 10 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon consumed resets the cooldown of Stormstrike and increases the damage of your physical abilities by 5%/20% for 5 sec.

Feral Spirits, and the Elemental Spirits talent have been adjusted:

Each Feral Spirit type now grants you +15% damage to the related element. Normal Feral Spirits count as Physical.

The extra frost damage from the frosty feral spirits has been removed, but frosty feral spirits now increase your frost damage by 15%.

The extra Lava Lash damage from fire feral spirits has been removed.

Thank you for the continued feedback and testing.