While there are many things that are being found with the Dragonflight Alpha roaring right now, one of the most iconic WoW enemies got a face-lift, and the community wasn’t too thrilled about it.

When a reddit thread reaches 715 comments, you know something is controversial, and the new Hogger model was just that, as many felt like it was very much downplaying his ferocity and making things more friendly. Here are some of the comments:

Looks alot more like “hugger” than hogger. This new model isnt menacing or dangerous looking at all – Milfius

Yeah it looks off, too Disney-Fied with the eyes etc. same goes for the furbolg. Even sadder when heroes of the storm did it right and they went in a cuter art direction – Beerbaron1886

His HotS model is so great. This model, while nice, nerfs his menace quite a bit. – chasedogman

Old Hogger looks menacing. New Hogger looks coked out. – FacetiousTomato

Nah, old hogger was coked out, new Hogger is sober and really into pour over coffee ?pigfeet2002

Still thinks looks like a doggo now. Who’s a good boy. – DCC808

That ain’t Hogger. That’s Generic Rehabilitated Gnoll. – Agleza

There’s plenty more comments over in the thread, which is at the very top of the WoW reddit.

Now, one of the above comments may actually be on to something, as Blizzard may not be done with ol’ Hogger yet, with them just implementing the new gnoll skin on him and not having upgraded him to Hogger status quite yet.

Whatever the case may be, SunwellDaiquiri took it upon themselves to rectify the situation, and bring some aggro back to Hogger with a very quick (but good) fix:

So what do you think? Was it a good fix? Was a fix even needed?