Today’s hotfixes bring the return of Korrak’s Revenge, a whole lot of class fixes and some small tuning, UI improvements and more.

November 8 (Source)


Demon Hunter


Fixed an issue that prevented Sinful Brand from being affected by Any Means Necessary.


Fixed an issue that caused Painbringer to always grant 2% damage reduction per stack, regardless of whether 1 or 2 points were spent in the talent.

Painbringer duration increased to 5 seconds (was 4 seconds).

Fixed an issue that prevented Soul Carver from gaining damage from Fiery Demise and Demon Soul effects.

Fixed an issue where the Fiery Brand Talent was being granted as level-learned.

Fixed an issue that prevented multiple Vengeance Demon Hunters from having separate instances of Frailty on the same target.



Fixed an issue where Astral Smolder did not benefit from both Lunar and Solar Eclipse.

Fixed an issue where Wrath and Starfire , while benefitting from Umbral Embrace, would not gain benefit from both Lunar and Solar Eclipse.


Fixed an issue that caused the Arcane Momentum variant of Blink to not function with Displacement.


Fixed an issue with the Root from the Frostbite talent which caused enemy AI to turn and auto-attack unintendedly.


Fixed an issue where Empowered Tiger Lightning was not showing in combat logs.

Save Them All now correctly increases healing done.


Fixed an issue where Serenity was not correctly increasing the damage of Strike of the Windlord and Thunderfist.



Fixed an issue that prevented Amplifying Poison and Sepsis from benefitting from Mastery.


Enhancement, Restoration

Fixed an issue where Deeply Rooted Elements (Runecarving Power) could activate from using Lava Burst.



Fixed an issue where Rampant Afflictions and Malefic Affliction would not function together.


Fixed an issue where Guillotine was castable regardless of your current pet.



Fixed an issue where Unbreakable Will would trigger from Avatar when was not talented.

Player versus Player

Korrak’s Revenge Anniversary event is now available. Head to the Player vs. Player Quick Match menu to join the battle.

Fixed an issue where Korrak’s Revenge couldn’t be queued for below level 60

User Interface and Accessibility

Fixed a tooltip error with Black Ox Brew in non-English clients