The hotfixes for the Dragonflight pre-patch continue! Today we have a bunch of UI improvements, class, achievement, quest and creature fixes and more.

October 27 (Source)


The achievements for the Season 4 Fated Raids were prematurely moved out of the Dungeon & Raid category, as they are still earnable. They are once again visible.




Fixed an issue where some unintended spells could grant a stack of Maelstrom Weapon.



Path of Ascension

Fixed an issue where Splinterbark Nightmare’s melee was consuming charges of Drustbloom Embrace.

Creatures and NPCs

Fixed an issue where the gold dragon frame was missing on Elite enemy and World Boss nameplates.


Fixed an issue where “The Sunken Vault” could not be completed.

You can once again communicate with the following NPCs:

Arluin during the quests “Or Against Us” and “If Words Don’t Work…

Runecarver during the quest “The Weak Link.”

Lord Herne during the quest “Meet the Queen.”

Falstad Wildhammer should now correctly offer and accept quests during the “Blood in the Water” quest line.

User Interface and Accessibility

Fixed an issue where melee attacks could not be canceled by pressing the Esc key when Action Targeting is enabled.

The stance bar is no longer centered when closing Edit Mode after moving the bar.

Spells are once again visible on the action bar when moved around while the Always Show action bar setting is disabled.

The Group Finder eye icon will once again stay searching and visible after a loading screen occurs.

Fixed an issue where party frames were missing in Arena when Raid Style Party Frames is enabled.

The Reagent Bag slot has been removed and will return when Dragonflight launches.