Blizzard have added clarifications and some corrections for the recently detailed class sets for the first tier of Dragonflight, with Evokers, Paladins and Shamans getting the corrections while Monks, Demon Hunters, Hunters, Mages, Warlocks and Shamans get more details for how their sets work.

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Thank you all for your feedback on and discussion around the new Class Set bonuses. It’s helpful to read your concerns as we continue to work on them, and we want to take a moment to share some clarifications and updates. The updates in this post aren’t everything we’re working on – we’ll share more as we make progress.

We’d like to start with a note on tuning. Class tuning is ongoing, and some bonuses are farther along in the tuning process than others. That said, feedback on tuning is still valuable, especially around how bonuses affect your rotation or how often they’ll be active.

Next, some corrections:

The Preservation Evoker (2) Set Bonus will increase the critical heal chance of Reversion by 25%, not 5%.

The Protection Paladin (4) Set Bonus was missing some values. It should read “Casting Hammer of the Righteous / Blessed Hammer increases your Parry by 4% for 10 seconds and extends the duration of Versatility of Light by 1.0 seconds.”

The Elemental Shaman (2) Set Bonus should be 2.5%, not 2-3%.

The Elemental Shaman (4) Set Bonus should include Elemental Blast. This has been corrected. In general set bonuses will affect talented abilities that replace other abilities.

Here are some more details about how some bonuses work:

The Enhancement Shaman (4) Set Bonus only affects abilities that are on cooldown.

We’re aware that Fire Blast does not benefit from the Fire Mage (4) Set Bonus critical strike bonus – we formatted it that way for brevity. We may revise it to separate the bonuses.

The Affliction Warlock (4) Set Piece grants 40% increased damage to one cast for each charge of Cruel Epiphany – the damage bonus does not stack. We’ll try to revise the description to make this clearer.

The Vengeance Demon Hunter (4) Set Bonus activates at the same rate whether you are using Spirit Bomb or Soul Cleave. You will not have to talent into Spirit Bomb to maximize its value.

The Mistweaver Monk (4) Set Bonus only extends the duration of Renewing Mist once for each Essence Font bolt – it does not trigger from Essence Font healing over time. There is currently a bug preventing Essence Font bolts from Faeline Stomp from activating the bonus, but we’ll fix that.

One of the things we’re keeping an eye on is: bonuses that have too much influence on your talent choices or build. For instance, we’re changing the Frost Mage bonus to not empower Frost Bolt so specifically:

(2) Set Bonus: Ice Lance and Frozen Orb damage increased by 10%.

(4) Set Bonus: Consuming Fingers of Frost increases spell damage by 8% for 6 seconds.

We’re looking forward to sharing more as we continue refining these bonuses. Thank you so much!