Diablo Immortal Youtuber jtisallbusiness who spent $100K on the game and reached maximum Resonance said he can’t enter Battlegrounds as the matchmaker won’t find him a single game due to his high MMR.

JT spent so much money immediately following the game’s release that he was able to easily beat almost everyone in the game’s PvP Battlegrounds mode.

With hundreds of wins and only a few losses, his MMR soon became so high it became virtually impossible to queue with anyone else.

JT’s clan OneTimes is queueing up for Rite for Exiles, but he can’t join them as part of the questline requires participating in a standard BG PvP match and he’s stuck in an MMR limbo.

Jtisallbusiness asked his viewers if he should try to refund the $100K spent due to the issue.

The Youtuber also reached out to Blizzard who said they’re working on matchmaking improvements that will hopefully arrive soon.

Source: Kotaku