Blizzard are taking the in-real-life aspect of Diablo 4 to the next level, as they’ve created a massive mural in a real (but deconsecrated) cathedral, with a Charles Dance-narrated trailer to go with it! You could even have your face painted on the mural itself!

The ceiling of the deconsecrated Chapelle des Jesuites cathedral in Cambrai, France was the host of this impressive exhibition, and is part of a campaign with world-famous Baroque artist Adam Miller collaborating with MJZ director Henry Hobson, Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance, and Blizzard Entertainment to bring the central images and scenes of the game alive in a truly gothic setting.

Diablo 4

The 160-foot mural is a conglomeration of 20 unique paintings covering the vintage ceiling and dome, along with a massive mural along the back wall. “This is a very unique project,” said Adam Miller, “It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to paint in a setting like this at this grand scale with figurative painting.”

To accomplish it, Miller and his team painted on canvas before installing them in the cathedral to achieve the same look as iconic historic murals in the same vein as Caravaggio and Michelangelo. Accompanying the installation is a filmed journey through the cathedral.

Directed by Henry Hobson and voiced by Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance, the film is crafted to allow viewers to feel the space, the art, and the consequences of the battle itself. “

The unique world of Diablo is a great playground to inhabit as a director—creeping tension, dark, foreboding, framed by awe-inspiring artistic vision. Having Adam’s work to build from, the once-in-a-lifetime classical space ‘corrupted’ by Adam’s renaissance universe, adding layers of mystery and inferring the wider world as a battle rages within the space was utterly beguiling. After all, as a storyteller, what better place to play than within the canvas of a richly constructed video game world?” said Hobson.

While the camera journeys along the walls, viewers can follow the five character classes from Diablo IV as they clash with the powers of evil in the ultimate struggle between Light and Darkness.

There’s also a beta-related sweepstakes that will see players’ faces painted o the mural! All you have to do to participate is reach level 25 on the upcoming beta and opt-in here.

There’s even a making-of video!

Witness the making of the Cathedral of Diablo.

See how a masterpiece of evil was brought to life by famed artist Adam Miller and his team. #DiabloIV

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Blizzard President Mike Ybarra even teased we’d be seeing more of the cathedral soon!

This was really fun – and you’ll see a lot more of this particular place soon…

— Mike Ybarra (@Qwik) March 6, 2023


The game’s Early Access and open beta weekends start this month, on the 17th and 2th, respectively, so it won’t be long until we all get a taste of Diablo 4!