Here’s another awesome player feat, as a Venn has manage to take down Rygelon, the penultimate boss of the Sepucher of the First Ones solo, and without using any exploits or similar! He took it upon himself to bring the constellar down some three months ago after finding a way avoid and survive some key mechanics, but it wasn’t until the pre-patch that it all became possible with the new talents. The kill pull itself took and insane 5 hours, but that wasn’t even the impressive part, as there were around 90 tries before that, and some even took between 1-2 and a half hours, so that is some insane dedication at play there.

Here are the key points of how he did it, as he explained to, but you can also just listen to the full explanation of how he did it in the video below.

The 5 hour length is due to only being able to auto attack the boss after the fourth Massive Bang (which is the enrage/raid wipe mechanic).

The Collapsing Quasar orbs are kept away from the boss with Ring of Peace and DPS’d down.

The tank swap mechanic is avoided by absorbing the entirety of the attack, mainly via Celestial Brew and  Shard of Annhylde’s Aegis.

You can read more from Venn, as he talked to after the kill here.

If Rygelon solo is sounding familiar to you, it’s because this isn’t technically a World First, with Rextroy having gotten the boss down quite a while ago, but he did it using one of his trademark toad exploits and actually 1-shot the boss.