In an interesting piece of almost throwback news, Blizzard announced that the removed-during-Shadowlands-development Warlords of Draenor crafted item sets will finally be returning. The last time we heard of this return was back in September of 2020, when Blizzard said they would only be unavailable temporarily and there were plans to reintroduce them in a later patch. Well, they didn’t specify Shadowlands so technically that quote is still correct, and if you’ll notice they didn’t say a Dragonflight patch specifically this time either, but did say “upcoming” and “very soon”. So hopefully we’ll be seeing these again in 10.1? 10.2? 12.3?

WoD Crafted Items (Source)

While we are unfortunately not fixing this with the release of Dragonflight, we will be fixing it in an upcoming patch very soon. Sorry for the delay.

You cam check out the actual appearances that were removed here.