There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the new 500 mounts collected achievement and the very lackluster reward Blizzard initially presented. Luckily the developers saw the feedback and decided to replace the somewhat generic Yeti with something new – and players immediately jumped on the chance to suggest what that replacement reward for this pretty huge time investment of an achievement should be!

Now, the most likely outcome here is that Blizzard just replace the Yeti with another Dragonflight mount they were planning to put elsewhere, but there are some great (and hilarious) ideas below, and you never know these days as the devs are very much listening to the community a lot more!

Let’s start with the (somewhat) reasonable ones:

Things quickly get a lot more awesome after that however:

Next, my personal favorite, and high time this model made a comeback:

The 500 mounts gathered topic isn’t a new one either, as this post is from 2 years ago (but still an awesome idea):

And we saved the best for last, with a couple of ideas that are… a little out there (although the second one should 100% be a mount):

What would you like to see as the 500 mounts collected reward?