Most of the day was pretty much all-splits-and-reclear, with the US reset arriving, but there was at least one major development we need to talk about and some actual Raszageth pulls at the very end of the day.

Let’s get to what actually did happen during the day, as Echo ended up re-tuning their sleep schedule after all, as they called it a very early night, going to bed around 9-10PM CET, to prepare for what will almost certainly be splits at 5AM when the server comes up.

The rest of the day/night was just infinite Heroic splits by both Liquid and BDGG, as they really wanted that gear and then some. However, the MAJOR development did arrive eventually, as we found out about a massive, and I mean MASSIVE nerf for Raszageth, as not only did her phase 1 abilities get very much neutered, but the oh-so problematic intermission adds also lost… 50% HP! With such major nerfs Blizzard are very much indicating what we’ve been assuming from the start – they will not be allowing this race to go to Friday, perhaps not even Thursday, and will nerf whatever it takes to achieve that.

You can also read the full datamined nerfs over on WoWHead.

Meanwhile Echo did indeed wake up at 5AM sharp and were busy with a whole lot Heroics from then on, and will be taking most of the day on them and the re-clear as well. Liquid finally got back to Raszageth Mythic late in their day, after a pretty clean re-clear with only a few wipes and we got to see the results of all these nerfs. It certainly wasn’t an auto-win, as it took a few tries to get to the intermission again, and even then (this time with the raid properly split between the platforms) it didn’t quite go smoothly. Here’s the first entrance into the intermission after the nerfs, with some very handy mechanics explanations from Nagura and Meeix as well afterwards:

Liquid are still raiding for about an hour as of the publishing of this post, so you can check their Raszageth Mythic progress live, as they’re on their 176th pull (and 9th of this reset).

On the non-Raszageth-yet side of things, Method kept pushing until around 11PM and then did some keys, so it seems unlikely they will also be up at 5AM (although they were last week with the raid opening, even faster than Echo), but they are very much in a race with BDGG for 3rd, as the two guilds were only 0.3% apart when Method stopped.