Blizzard have announced a new set of class tuning changes coming with the first Dragonflight weekly reset, on November 29th for US and the 30th for EU servers.

November 29 (Source)

We’re working on a slate of tuning adjustments for several classes that will be applied to the live game with scheduled weekly maintenance on 30 November. Please note: this weekly maintenance period is a day after Dragonflight content becomes available.

Demon Hunter


Burning Wound Immolation Aura damage bonus reduced to 40% (was 50%).

Know Your Enemy (Talent) critical damage bonus reduced to 40/80% of your critical strike chance (was 50/100%).

Any Means Necessary (Talent) damage bonus for affected skills reduced to 80% of your Mastery: Demonic Presence bonus (was 100%).


Of Dusk and Dawn has been adjusted:

Blessing of Dawn now increases damage and healing by 5% (was 6%). Duration increased to 20 seconds.

Blessing of Dusk duration increased to 20 seconds.

Seal of Order now increases healing the healing and damage of your Holy Power spending abilities by 8% (was 10%) during Blessing of Dawn.


Word of Glory healing increased by 40% for Protection Paladins.

Light of the Titans healing increased by 40%.



The duration of the Harsh Discipline buff effect has been increased to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds).



Dispatch damage reduced by 5%

Dreadblades (Talent) duration reduced to 8 seconds (was 10 seconds) and Energy cost reduced to 40 (was 50).



Seasoned Soldier now also grants 10% reduced damage to area effect damage.

Battlelord now also increases the damage of Overpower by 25% at all times.

Martial Prowess increases the damage of Mortal Strike by 30% per stack (was 25%).

Exhilarating Blows chance to reset Mortal Strike or Cleave increased to 20% (was 15%).

Fatal Mark damage increased by 20%.

Fueled by Violence now heals for 65% of the damage dealt by deep wounds (was 50%).

Mortal Strike damage increased by 3.5%.

Player versus Player


Recuperator effectiveness is no longer reduced by 50% in PvP combat.

Echoing Reprimand damage is no longer reduced by 50% in PvP combat.

Reverberation damage is no longer reduced by 33% in PvP combat.


Killing Spree damage is no longer reduced by 20% in PvP combat.

Pistol Shot damage is no longer reduced by 16% in PvP combat.


Mastery: Executioner effectiveness is no longer reduced by 20% in PvP combat.