Blizzard has provided more details on Catalyst charges in Dragonflight.

As mentioned in our previous post:

All characters on your account can contribute progress toward completing a weekly quest for Catalyst charges.

Each character can spend charges individually.


The future is now!

We’ve seen some recent feedback on the Catalyst that we’d like to speak to, with a bit of clarification on how we’re updating the Catalyst.

When the Catalyst becomes available in Dragonflight Season 1, there will not be a new currency. Instead, there will be a weekly quest that simply requires doing the same sorts of group content that provide you with Catalyst-eligible gear in the first place. Notably:

All characters on your WoW account can contribute progress towards completing this quest.

Completing the quest awards 1 charge to all current and future characters on your WoW account.

Each of your characters can spend charges individually.

So, if you have done the quest 3 three times, and used 3 charges on your main character, a new alt that reaches level 70 will have 3 charges of their own available.

Thank you very much for your feedback!