We’ve looked at the weekly quest available in Dragonflight and the rewards you can get from it on the Alpha.

The quest is called Making a Name and requires the player to gain reputation with any major faction in the Dragon Isles. In total, you must gather 3,000 reputation throughout Dragon Isles. You can pick it up in Valdrakken. The exact location can be seen on the map.

Major Dragonflight factions are the Valdrakken Accord, Iskaara Tuskarr, Dragonscale Expedition, and Maruuk Centaur.

Completing the quest rewards two items. You will receive Valdrakken Treasures and a Dragon Isles Supply Cache (250x Dragon Isles Supplies)

While the rewards are subject to change at any given time during testing, currently on the Alpha, Valdrakken Treasures contained 1 Renown with Maruuk Centaur, Valdrakken, and Tuskarr and a piece of item level 379 gear. I assume you’ll gain +1 Renown with 3 major factions at random. The Supply Cache automatically rewards 250x Dragon Isles Supplies and you do not need to open it.