Blizzard have announced a whole lot of changes coming for Hunters in the next Dragonflight Alpha build, with a huge reshuffle for the talent trees, talent redesigns and more. 

Hunter (Source)

The next build to alpha will have some pretty substantial changes for the hunter talent trees. Many talent nodes have had their position shuffled around, as well as connections, so this won’t be an exact list of what specific talent node moved to what new position and what it connects to. Some of this may be redundant information with previous posts:

Baseline Changes:

Mend Pet has been bumped up from 35% of Pet’s HP over its duration, to 50% of pet’s HP.

Class Tree:

The placeholder Agility % node has been replaced with an Avoidance node.

Improved Exhilaration (the pet healing) is now part of the baseline Exhilaration ability. This has been replaced with Rejuvenating Winds.

Viper’s Venom in the choice node after Serpent Sting has been replaced with Hydra’s Bite.

Binding Shackles is planned to work with any combination of Scatter Shot, Explosive Trap, Binding Shot, and Intimidation. This should make sense with the new tree layout.

Beast Mastery

Dire Pack has been redesigned. Every X Dire Beasts summoned now resets the cooldown of Kill Command, and reduces the cooldown and Focus Cost of Kill Command for a duration.

New talent added that increases the duration and damage of any Dire Beast summon.


Steady Focus values lowered to 4/8%, rather than 7/15%.

Hunter’s Knowledge and Focused Aim now boost Rapid Fire damage and crit chance in addition to Aimed Shot.

Salvo has been renamed to Bombardment and redesigned – Arcane Shots increases the damage of your next Multi-Shot by X%, stacking up to 4 times.

Explosive Ricochet renamed to Salvo, and design adjusted. Multi-Shot now also shoots Explosive Shot at up to 2 targets hit. This can only occur once every 45 sec.

Killer Ricochet renamed and redesigned, is now Razor Fragments – When Trick Shots fades or is consumed, your next Kill Shot does X% more damage, and causes up to 5 targets to bleed for Y% of the damage dealt over 6 sec. This node comes right after Deathblow , which may be in a different position in the tree now.

Bursting Shot and Quick Load are no longer a dependency for any talent node on the tree.


Terms of Engagement and Improved Harpoon talents have been combined and now only requires 1 talent point total.

Several abilities reduced to 1 or 2 total points, down from 2 or 3 total points.

Precision Removed

Frenzy Strikes now also applies its cooldown reduction to Flanking Strike.

Note: there’s an issue where this talent will incorrectly be able to be obtained by a prior node without the Butchery/Carve node, this connection will be removed in a future update.

Wildfire Infusions – Volatile Bomb has been adjusted because Serpent Sting is no longer a baseline, guaranteed to have ability. This bomb will continue to deal bonus damage to a target affected by Serpent Sting, and will also apply Serpent Sting to some number of targets it hits.

Viper’s Venom is now in the survival talent tree with a redesign. Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite have a chance to apply Serpent Sting to your target.

New Talent – Ranger – Increases the damage of Steady Shot, Kill Shot, Explosive Shot, and Serpent Sting.

New Talent – Intense Focus – increases focus generated by Kill Command

New Talent – Ruthless Marauder – Fury of the Eagle has a 15% increased critical strike chance against targets below 20% health, and Fury of the Eagle critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Wildfire Bomb and Flanking Strike by 0.5 sec.

The critical strike chance and cooldown reduction values go up per rank, the 20% HP threshold does not change.

This is a lot to parse, and things above are not final. Thanks for the discussions so far, we appreciate it.