A player recently found themselves very dead in Goldshire, suffering 1.2 million damage in 1 hit and wondering what exactly happened. The pre-patch tends to bring out plenty of strange interactions and theories immediately started to form, most of them pointing the finger at the usual suspect, Rextroy!

However, it wasn’t the 1-hit wonder this time around, as he was off perfecting a different 1-shot, and instead it was a very simple interaction. The culprit is the the new Psychic Link talent, as a Priest put Vampiric Touch on the victim and then proceeded to nuke a nearby critter for about 8 million damage with a Mind Blast, ending both their lives. There was no toad toy or similar clever trick, just a regular critter and a regular oversight on a talent abusing the massive damage to critters/legacy scaling. So if you find yourself very dead out of nowhere, wondering what happened, look around for a dead critter or two and you’ll have your answer!

The pre-patch is rife with interactions like these, so watch out for critters (and Rextroy, probably)!