Players have discovered a new book in Uldaman which contains some interesting lore about the titans, Odyn, and the Black Empire.

The item in question is Edicts of the Prime Designate, Volume 742, which can be looted from an object in the revamped Uldaman dungeon. The book contains 6 pages. If you do not wish to learn more about it, please do not continue reading this article…

The book is written by Prime Designate Odyn and reveals that he is not to be trustedOdyn calls mortals “aberrations” and wanted to eradicate them but didn’t since they “may prove useful if properly controlled.” The edict is primarily written for the Keepers and contains 3 “regulations” that “must be established when interacting with mortals.”

All historical records documenting the advancements of the Black Empire are to be purged. The age must be painted as one of chaos and misery.

Attribute all works of wonder to the titans.

Do not share knowledge of the First Ones.

What exactly does Odyn not want us to know about the Black Empire? I feel the Titans have stolen something and caged the Old Gods, so we don’t find out. You will find the whole transcript of the book below.



It has been brought to my attention that, as of late, many of you have become fascinated by the emergence of mortal beings. That is, creatures born of flesh rather than crafted of stone and steel like our loyal titan-forged.

While my initial impulse was to eradicate these aberrations before they evolved further, I now believe they may prove useful if properly controlled.


Yet even as we guide their development according to the edicts of the titans, we must always remember that mortal minds are destined to be small and incapable of complex understanding.

Therefore, as your Prime Designate, I must establish a few minor–but necessary–regulations to govern your interactions with these nascent beings.


First: All historical records documenting the advancements of the Black Empire are to be purged.

Paint that age as one of chaos and misery, a pernicious blight that we keepers eradicated. With the Old Gods locked in confinement, there should be no evidence available to contradict our assertions.

Surely if you care for these mortals, you would not wish to see them led astray into darkness.


Second: Attribute all accomplishments and works of wonder to the titans alone.

Despite the relentless arguments made by some of you, this is not a fallacy. After all, can anything truly be said to exist until it has been ordered? Or course not.

Therefore, it is irrefutable that the titans are the source of all creation.


Third: Do not share knowledge of the First Ones.

Mortals could not conceive of the wonders that makers granted to the titans in Zereth Ordus. Thus, learning of the Progenitors would confuse them.

It is enough that mortals know the titans brought Order to the cosmos, and that they are owed deference.


While some among you would prefer to argue these points further, such debate can no longer be tolerated.

I remind you that speak with the authority of the titans, and any further dissent may cause me to question whether you have succumbed to outside influences.

Remember: Life is chaos. It must be controlled.

Your leader,

Prime Designate Odyn

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Source: Reddit