With the Forbidden Reach becoming a max-level zone in Patch 10.0.7, players can collect keys to open doors in the Zskera Vaults, a place where Neltharion hid his riches.


The following article provides a very early look at the Forbidden Reach (max level) zone in Patch 10.0.7. Many features are not available for testing yet and with future PTR builds, this article will soon be outdated.

The Zskera Vaults

When you first enter the Forbidden Reach, you will receive a quest to explore the mysterious Zskera Vaults.

The vaults contain various riches, but to access them, you will need Zskera Vault Keys. For the quest, you’ll get the first 6 free, but you’ll need to farm more from Rare Elites, opening Treasure Chests eventually, and other sources on the island.

The Zskera Vaults are essentially a big room full of doors that you open using keys. A key is consumed every time you open a door.

Behind the doors, you will find treasure chests, Rare Elites, or puzzles that need to be solved. The doors have a daily reset and are procedurally generated for every character, so they will never be the same.

The Zskera Vaults Rewards

We’ve noticed the previously-determined Primordial Gems drop here. Primordial Gems are sockets coming in Patch 10.0.7.

Other rewards include toys and battle pets.

Holoviewer: The Lady of Dreams

Holoviewer: The Scarlet Queen

Holoviewer: The Timeless One

Here are some of the pets that drop in the Zskera Vault chests.

Gilded Mechafrog