Well, it’s good that Blizzard have disabled the Edgemaster’s Aspect! It was used in the hardcore pinnacle boss kill, but the World First level 100, Rob2628, has taken it to the next level.

The stacking Whirlwind damage buff that seems to have been caused by the Edgemaster’s Aspect “only” got to the hundreds of millions in the Echo if Lillith kill. But now it has been upgraded out in the open world.

100 billion damage. Unfortunately the youtube popups at the end are a little distracting, so here are the actual numbers:

That poor, poor bear. Rob also went on to examine and explain Ben_’s hardcore kill and the way the build works:

The build should no longer be viable, at least he infinite damage part, as it seems very likely that the Aspect to blame is the one that’s been disabled. We’ll just have to wait and see