A raid group used Augmentation Evoker stacking to defeat Mythic Assault of the Zaqali in just 30 seconds.

Augmentation Evoker raid stacking has been an issue ever since the new specialization was added to the game. We saw a raid with 22 Augmentation Evokers who downed Heroic Rashok in just 20 seconds.

As a response, Blizzard released a hotfix on July 18 that only allowed a single player to benefit from a maximum of 4 each of the Ebon Might, Prescience, and Shifting Sands effects.

However, players have found a way to circumvent Blizzard’s fiz, as a raid group zerged Mythic Assault of the Zaqali in just 30 seconds.

The group was comprised of a Brewmaster Tank, 4 Augmentation Evokers, and a bunch of DPS as you can see below. The full raid log’s available here.