Rogue Transmogs: The Mishmash Assassin


    This time around, Launja brings us her take on practical wear. She has certainly nailed that rogue instinct for finding a space where it’s easy to fade into the background! “I wanted this set to look practical and stealthy,” she tells us, “so I steered clear of bright colors, revealing cuts, and over-the-top shoulder size.

    “It’s not supposed to look perfectly seamless, either: rather a full suit of standard issue battlegear you might get in a military stealth unit, it’s something the assassin has assembled herself from various parts, for her personal use.

    “My personal favorite are the shoulderpads: they conceal spring-loaded spectral blades ready to rake the face of anyone foolish enough to get too close. No still picture can do justice to the animation. I literally jumped the first time I saw it go off.”

    We agree, those shoulders are pretty awesome.

    Head: Wicked Leather Headband – Leatherworking
    Shoulders: Treacherous Shoulderpads – XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar
    Back: Furious Gladiator’s Cloak of Victory – I got this from PvP back in Season 6, but several drops and craftables have the same look. (Such as Auchenai Death Shroud” – Avatar of the Martyred in Auchenai Crypts)
    Chest: Fusion Slasher Chestguard – Lei Shen – Throne of Thunder Raid Finder. The Raid Finder tier 15 chest (Nine-Tailed Tunic) also has the same look
    Hands: Netherblade Gloves – Tier 4 token from The Curator in Karazhan
    Waist: Dusky Belt – Leatherworking
    Legs: Syreian’s Leggings – Syreian the Bonecarver in Grizzly Hills
    Feet: Bloodthirsty Leather Boots – Leatherworking

    Sword: Scorpion Sting – A friendly stranger just handed me one of these while idling in town. It’s a BoE drop, so the Auction House might be your best bet.
    Dagger: Blood Weeper – Devourer of Souls in The Forge of Souls Heroic. These also work well with Enchanter’s Illusion – Hidden for the ultimate assassin looks (blades coated with non-reflective black paint)!


    Launja   Launja



      If you have a transmog that you just love and would like to share, please send the following to for a chance to be featured:

    1. a list of the items that you used for your transmog. If you can, include where you acquired each piece.
    2. one or two nice high-res screenshots. These should be reasonably close up and not too dark. No stealth pics please!
    3. tell us a bit about what you were going for with your look. Do you have a name/title for your transmog?
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