Fans of Knives: November 17, 2015

Legion Preview:

On Thursday last week Blizzard finally published the rogue preview for Legion:

Blizzard Watch has a nice summary:

And Wowhead has tooltips as well as the blue tweets that followed the preview posting:


The Community Reacts:

Fierydemise has a write up on his concerns following the preview:

Blizzard Watch has published a new Encrypted Text in which Scott Helfand takes a deeper look at what is coming for us:

Aneuryzm of Infexious Gaming has a couple of videos looking at and reacting to what was announced:

Anne Stickney of Blizzard Watch logged her opinion in The Queue:

Keydar of Dark Legacy Comics reflects on what spec to choose:

 Preach Gaming takes a look as well:

And many of you Tweeted your first reactions. We grabbed a sampling:


And in other news…

Rylix has a lovely new Assassination guide:


Anne Stickney talked about her feelings on the Assassination artifact weapon in a Breakfast Topic:


Sativ is running a transmog competition for rogues only:

And while you are busy entering his competition, why not shoot a copy of your transmog to us for possible future inclusion on the site?  Send the following to

  • a list of the items that you used for your transmog. If you can, include where you acquired each piece.
  • one or two nice high-res screenshots. These should be reasonably close up and not too dark. No stealth pics please!
  • tell us a bit about what you were going for with your look. Do you have a name/title for your transmog?
  • if you would like to be credited, please include a link to your armory.

(Please note that we may not be able to feature every submission and those that are selected may not be posted immediately.)

Do it. Do it now.


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