Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for December 23rd, 2014

We have Highmaul tips! This is a living document – please post in the forum thread if you have anything to add:


Final Boss interviewed Paragon after their World First kill of Highmaul. They had some interesting comments about the rogue class. The talk about melee classes starts at about 16:46. Yliajo sums things up quite nicely, “Rogue is not bad…it’s just that other classes are better.” Check it out:


Haileaus ran a Subtlety Rogue bootcamp for Convert to Raid. Sadly the stream was not saved, but a Google Doc of his outline is here:


Hotfixes for December 18th included some needed bug fixes for us:

  • Assassination: Envenom should no longer incorrectly consume all of the Rogue’s combo points if the ability misses or was dodged.
  • Subtlety: Hemorrhage’s periodic effect should now be able to critically strike.


And ’tis the season, so I’ll leave you with 12 days of Combat by Revaks:


Happy Winter’s Veil, Rogues!