Fans of Knives: November 28, 2017

Today the final raid of the expansion, Antorus, the Burning Throne, opens. Our guide writers have been busily updating the spec guides. Check out the hard work that Notter and Saber have put in:

Thanks also to Tumna for his work in the past and to wEak who will be helping out going forward.

Gray_Hound has also updated the Wowhead spec guides:

And of course you can check out Wowhead for the latest raid guides as well.


November 21st brought us a few tier hotfixes:

Hotfixes: November 21:

Rogue: Regalia of the Dashing Scoundrel:

  • Assassination
    • 2-piece bonus now increases the critical strike chance of Deadly Poison and Wound Poison by 60% (was 15%) for 6 seconds.**
    • 4-piece bonus now has a chance to grant 2 Energy (was 4 Energy) when your Deadly Poison or Wound Poison critically strikes.
  • Outlaw
    • 2-piece bonus now increases the damage of your next Run Through by 15% (was 5%), stacking up to four times.
    • 4-piece bonus now has a 16% chance (was 12%) to grant you a random Roll the Bones effect, that is not already active, for 10 seconds.
  • Subtlety
    • 4-piece bonus now has a 3% chance (was 5%) to grant Shadow Gestures when using Gloomblade, Backstab, and Shadowstrike.

**NOTE: a subsequent update seems to have reduced the 60% to 35%.


Infexious is working on a new Mythic+ coaching series. His first two installments are up – Assassination rogues, check these out:

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If you are interested in one-on-one coaching from Infexious, check this out:


And if you notice something different about Ravenholdt, your eyes are not deceiving you. Due to popular demand we are moving to a dark theme. Please bear with us as we continue to tweak.

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