Fans of Knives: August 25th, 2015

Rogue Blogs: In the latest installment of Blizzard Watch’s Encrypted Text, Scott Helfand talked about our prospects for Legion. While the article itself is worth a read, the comments this week are fantastic with many well thought out opinions, suggestions, and ideas. Nice job Rogue Community!


Forum Talk: The math behind Maalus: magicken has done some nice math to try to suss out how to best use our Legendary ring – check it out on our Forum:


Dev Tidbits: Ion Hazzikostas has made a comment on Twitter regarding rogue archetypes. As we think about spec differentiation moving into Legion, it’s interesting to see what thoughts are on the dev’s minds.

This next item isn’t exactly rogue specific, but Greg Street (former World of Warcraft dev, Ghostcrawler) has written a very nice article on dev communication. Beta is coming up soon and constructive feedback will be extremely important. This Gamasutra piece makes some very good points that we might all keep in mind.


Rogue Guides: Rogue fashionistas listen up! With a new transmog system planned for release with Legion, there has been some interest in a rogue transmog feature on this site. If you have a transmog that you just love and would like to share, please send the following to for a chance to be featured:

  1. a list of the items that you used for your transmog. If you can, include where you acquired each piece.
  2. one or two nice high-res screenshots. These should be reasonably close up and not too dark. No stealth pics please!
  3. tell us a bit about what you were going for with your look. Do you have a name/title for your transmog?
  4. if you would like to be credited, please include a link to your armory.

Please note that we may not be able to feature every submission and those that are selected may not be posted immediately. We look forward to seeing what you wear!


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