Fans of Knives: March 15, 2016

The big news this week is that Assassination is finally available on Legion Alpha and several rogues have checked it out and shared their experiences.

As always, for a summary of changes on Alpha check out Rfeann’s Changelog:

And to see what the Devs have to add to the conversation, check out Rfeann’s official posts collection:


Anne Stickney of Blizzard Watch checked out the Assassination Artifact Weapon questline:

As did Wowhead:


Aneuryzm of Infexious Gaming looked at how the Assassination spec plays:

As did Bay of Final Boss:


And Wowhead checked out the new spell animations for both Assassination and Outlaw:


Speaking of Outlaw, Aneuryzm also took a closer look at Roll the Bones, an Outlaw ability that has moved from being a talent to being baseline (switching places with Slice and Dice):


Meanwhile Nixxiom has created a machinima about a young rogue joining SI:7:


Got questions, got comments? Join in on the Rogue conversation:

Ask Fierydemise questions, or check out his responses to other people’s questions:

And hop on in to our Ravenholdt chat channels:


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