Fans of Knives: August 21, 2019

Well, we were warned, but that doesn’t make it any easier: Outlaw nerfs:

  • Blade Flurry now strikes nearby enemies for 30% of normal damage (was 45%).
  • Keep Your Wits About You (Azerite Trait) now increases the chance for Sinister Strike to strike again by 3% (was 5%) and the maximum number of stacks has been increased to 33.

Developers’ notes: While multi-target cleave is an iconic strength for Outlaw Rogue, we feel that Blade Flurry is currently too strong, particularly in Mythic Keystone dungeons. Likewise, the Azerite Trait Keep Your Wits About You provides too much added value to their area-of-effect rotation at only a single instance of the trait. These changes should keep Outlaw Rogues very strong at multi-target cleave, but no longer significantly ahead of other specs.

Infexious has a few new videos including a look at Benthic gear, farming, and Boss DPS guides. You know the drill: watch at your own risk – Ravenholdt is not responsible for You Tube shenanigans. But if you like your rogue thinking out of the box, check this guy out.

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