Rogue News from Dragon Con

Dragon Con is in full swing and this morning Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft is hosting a Blizzard panel. MMO Central Events and Elvine have live-tweeted the event and there was a fair amount of rogue relevant information revealed.

Please note that we don’t have access to video or a verified transcript. These are just tweets from fans in attendance and as such we can’t verify either accuracy or completeness.

That said, some highlights:

Regarding the location of the rogue Class Order hall, it’s the sewers…

…but don’t worry they look cool…

There are big changes coming and we can probably expect to see some differences to at least some of our specs:
Along with changes to stats and the way they work:
But not to glyphs:
A ranged spec seems to be off the table:
As does a tanking spec:
Might we see draenai rogues? No, but it seems like some lore groundwork is being laid down for sneaky hoofed people:
And Demon Hunters being able to see stealth is still a thing – but at least we’ll be able to hide behind objects…

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Update: Blizzard Senior Designer, Jeremy Feasel, cautions against reading too much into these tweets: