BlizzCon 2015: What We Learned About Rogues in Legion

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that BlizzCon was this past weekend. We learned a few things about rogues.


Artifact Weapons

Blizzard published a blog looking at our Artifact weapons (which also confirms that the Combat spec has been renamed Outlaw):

Wowhead has more pictures in their Artifact Weapon Guide:

Coryn has started a discussion (with pictures) here:


Class Abilities

The Systems Panel revealed a few tidbits for Subtlety rogues:

  • Ninja is the Subtlety fantasy.
  • Shadow Dance is now passive. Every time you do a finishing move, you have a 20% chance per combo point to re-enter stealth. This stealth won’t break from taking damage for a certain period.
  • Shadow Strike is a new ability which allows you to teleport to your target and do an Ambush opener.
  • Some generic rogue abilities including Honor Among Thieves have been removed.

Blizzard has an overview:

MMO Champion has a summary and the panel slides:


The Expanded Systems Discussion had a few small pieces of information:

  • Subtlety and Outlaw rogues are among the class specs that are getting the biggest changes.
  • They are looking to make rogue talents more impactful. 5 of the rows are now straight throughput.
  • “Combat” was too generic. “Outlaw” encompasses more, “sometimes you’re a pirate, sometimes you’re a thief.” There are pirate themed talents such as Cannonball Barrage and Grappling Hook.
  • They prefer that we switch talents between encounters rather than switching specs.
  • They considered getting rid of Killing Spree but elected to make it a talent along with other AOE talent options. Also, since Major Glyphs are gone it will now always port you back to where you started.

MMO Champion has the video here:


Look and Feel

Not only were our Mythic and PvP armor sets previewed, Rogue class fantasy is also touched on in the Fantasy, Quests, and Lore panel (at 8:36 in the video) including the fact that rogues will be able to pickpocket each other in the class order hall (wherever that is!):

MMO Champion has a summary:


More Reading

Wowhead has a nice overview of all of the discussion panels:


Our class preview blog is scheduled for publication on Thursday. We should learn a whole lot more from that:


What did we miss? Were you at BlizzCon? Did you pick up any more useful information? We have a new section on our forums for talk about Legion. Post and tell us what you think: