Wrath of the Lich King Classic has arrived and there were many players just waiting to get to Northrend… but there were some difficulties present. Even before the launch the excitement was palpable, and the seeds were being planted for one of the issues that would have to get direct GM intervention later on:

With so many people gathering at the docks just waiting for those Northrend boats, it was inevitable that some sailing issues would occur, and just before the actual launch it all began. It seems that the boats were more eager to arrive than the continent of Northrend itself, which saw players get stuck on the high seas, just wandering around loading screens as they went to a not-yet-existing-Northrend, back to Stormwind and then eventually to a disconnect screen:

The problem seemed to persist and more and more players wanted to get to the expansion, leading to a GM intervention bypassing the boats altogether (including a funny spelling correction after that)!

Luckily in the end, some managed to make it over, even by boat!

The issues above were all reserved for those lucky enough to actually get into the game, as the queues were in full force on certain servers, with some pretty intense wait times: