Axcel has been hard at work on Project Grunt, the re-imagining of WoW in Unreal Engine 5, and it’s time to check out the results! We’ve already seen the massively impressive Orgrimmar Gates and even a taste of the potential combat, but today we have several videos of some of WoW’s most well-known zones. Of course these aren’t the actual fully realized zones, but more of a taste as to how they might look.

Starting with the big one, here’s the Frozen Throne, albeit with an unexpected boss at the end (is that what Resto Druids look like in UE5??!1) :

Then it’s on to some classics, with Ashenvale and the Crossroads:

Astranaar looks particularly great:

And finally we have some Dwarven architecture to take a look at:

Still truly impressive work, and hopefully we’ll see more soon!