We have some new details on the cooldown resetting after a raid fight in WotLK Classic, as Blizzard detail which abilities will not be resetting, as well as ways in which they’re avoiding exploits trying to use the resets more than once per pull.

Cooldown Resets (Source)

Hi Again!

I Wanted to pop back in here and provide a bit of clarity around a few things that we’ve seen concerns around.

To start with, here is the full list of abilities currently excluded from resetting when an encounter ends (via wipe or completion):

Army of the Dead

Lay on Hands

Fire Elemental Totem

Earth Elemental Totem

Astral Recall


Ritual of Doom

Additionally, we have some protections in place that will prevent the use case where a hunter or other class that can quickly and safely exit combat repeatedly pulls a boss and leaves combat in order to reset cooldowns while the rest of the raid is elsewhere in the dungeon pulling trash packs. I’m not going into full detail on how this works, but it is not our intent to create a situation where 24 players are in one part of the dungeon participating in the raid, and one raid member is the dedicated “buff resetter”.

We’ll continue to closely monitor the behavior around this and how its used and make additional adjustments if it makes sense to do so.