Find out what we know so far about the Dragonflight pre-launch events based on datamining!

When Will the Dragonflight Pre-Patch Events Start?

If the supposed leaked internal document is correct, the Dragonflight pre-patch and the events should start on October 25, 2022, culminating in the expansion’s release on November 28, 2022.

Feat of Strength Achievement Tied to Dragonflight Pre-Launch Events

A Feat of Strength achievement tells us more about the pre-patch events. We learn there are multiple events and each requires the player to defeat one elemental lord. I assume it’s going to be 1 boss per week until Dragonflight launches and they will work similarly to Primalist Invasions.

Against the Elements – Defeat each of the elemental lords during the Dragonflight pre-launch events.

Unbridled Storm Lord

Raging Fire Lord

Rumbling Earth Lord

Glacial Ice Lord

Dragonflight Pre-Launch Events Currency

You will farm Primeval Essences that will drop from elites and mobs near the elemental lords. The elemental lord will drop a hefty chunk of Primeval Essence and also loot. We’ve datamined the following ilvl 280 items potentially tied to the pre-launch events:

Magmagtic Vestments

Cinderfang Wrap

Basalt Brood Stompers

Mafic Shackles

Dragonflight Pre-Launch Catch-Up Gear

Two Storm Vendors tied to the pre-patch event will sell gear for Primeval Essence in capital cities. They’ve been on the Alpha for a while but mysteriously vanished in the latest Beta build or the build before (I’m not exactly sure when, but I just checked and they weren’t spawned on Beta).

Storm Hunter William is the Alliance vendor found in Stormwind and Storm Huntress Suhrakka is the Horde vendor found in Orgrimmar.

The vendors sell item level 252 gear for Primeval Essence.

How Much Primeval Essence Does the Dragonflight Catch-Up Gear Cost?

The gear you buy with Primeval Essence isn’t Bind-to-Account, and the prices vary depending on the armor slot. The prices are currently as follows:

One-Hand weapons cost 25 Primeval Essence.

Two-Hand weapons cost 45 Primeval Essence.

Shields / Off-Hands cost 25 Primeval Essence.

Chest/Head/Legs cost 45 Primeval Essence.

Shoulders/Feet/Gloves cost 35 Primeval Essence.

Back/Wrists/Trinkets/Rings cost 25 Primeval Essence.