Here are the Warrior changes that went live this week on the Dragonflight Alpha.



Colossus Smash – Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds (was 1.5 min).

Sweeping Strikes – For 12 15 sec your single-target damaging abilities hit 1 additional targets within 8 yds for 75% damage. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 45).

Rampage – Enrages you and unleashes a series of 4 brutal strikes for a total of [ 206.8% 248.2% of Attack Power ] Physical damage.


Pulverizing Blows (new talent) – Raging Blow causes every strike of your next Rampage to deal an additional 0 damage. Stacks up to 5 times.

Raging Armaments (new talent) – Raging Blow gains an extra charge.

War Machine – Your auto attacks generate 20% 25% more Rage.

In addition to the above changes, Blizzard commented that the Arms talent tree is currently a work-in-progress and Titan’s Grip will be baseline for Fury Warriors in a future build.