Well this race is already proving to be very unique, as we’ve had exactly zero Mythic kills! With the advent of Mythic arriving at the same time as Normal and Heroic, the top guilds just decided to pretend the maximum difficulty wasn’t there, and proceeded to do the same thing they did during the old Heroic week.

When maintenance finished (on time) and the guilds entered the raid, we already saw a difference between the three US top guilds, as BDGG and Liquid went straight to Normal, while Imperative went for Heroic (sort of). BDGG went for the Normal clear and managed to down Raszageth first, as we’ve already talked about, with fewer helpers in their raid getting it done sooner.

With their many helpers filling out their many split raids, Liquid proceeded to clear Normal Vault over and over again for most of the day, and actually are just now stepping in to Heroic, fairly late in their raid day.

Imperative went for the second of three available difficulties, and even dipped their toes into Mythic before that – for 5 pulls, getting to 62% on the first boss, Eranog.

Imperative started strong once they got to heroic, clearing 5 bosses while BDGG and Liquid were in Normal, but then BDGG also entered Heroic, quickly caught up and managed to get to 6/8 first. Both guilds decided to leave Broodkeeper and Raszageth alone on Heroic, and proceeded to do the main activity of the day: Normal splits.

That was pretty much it when it comes to the US guilds, but with the new EU reset time at 5 AM CET, we had some more action to take a look at! The EU maintenance was also on time and even shorter than the US one, and the raid was promptly available at 5AM – which is exactly when Method were already in the Vault. Echo went in some 10 minutes later, as both guilds went for Heroic as they were planning their Normal splits. And so we saw full guild rosters and what they can do to Heroic, as Method left to Normal after 3 very fast kills, and Echo remained in there until they got to 6/8, incurring only a few wipes. Apparently Echo also opted out of Broodkeeper and Rasz, as they then bucked the trend ad went for something entirely different: Heroic splits! In the end we’ve ended up with a Heroic-only ranking, with BDGG, Imperative, Country Club, Instant Dollars and Echo at the top with 6/8 cleared.

So day 1 and 0 Mythic kills, with only a few guilds even poking their head in (with The Early Shift spending the most time there – 7 pulls). We’ll see how long this split “action” continues, as the guilds are certainly not taking this first raid of Dragonflight for granted, despite many assuming it might even be a sub-1-week race. But if we continue at this pace, it most certainly won’t.

As always, for live progress coverage you can check out one of the guilds’ RWF streams, or the live coverage over at Raider.IO.