Several changes are coming in the next Dragonflight build for Enhancement Shamans! The -35% damage/healing modifier to spells that benefit from Maelstrom Weapons has been removed to make spells more impactful. However, it might be brought back for tuning purposes later.


Enhancement Shaman,

Several changes are coming in the next build you receive, in addition to several bug fixes. We also removed a -35% damage and healing modifier to your spells that benefit from Maelstrom Weapon in an effort to make your spells more impactful, but may have to reintroduce this as tuning goes on.

Talent Changes:

Primal Primer is no longer an option in the tree.

Primal Primer and Primal Lava Actuators were two different ways of making Lava Lash better. We opted to keep Primal Lava Actuators.

Hailstorm now provides your next Frost Shock a bonus for up to 10 Maelstrom Weapon charges spent to better work with Overflowing Maelstrom. The maximum bonus targets is still limited to 5.

Stormstrike now replaces Primal Strike.

Doom Winds now does some immediate damage when you activate the ability.

Ice Strike’s Frost Shock buff now highlights Frost Shock.

Alpha Wolf now works with Chain Lightning, rather than Crash Lightning so you do not have to take Crash Lightning to get the benefit.

Ascendance now is now a choice node vs Deeply Rooted Elements.

Thorim’s Invocation now remembers whether you most recently cast Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning, and uses that spell when you use Windstrike, rather than always using Lightning Bolt.

Chain Lightning (rank 2) functionality baked into Crash Lightning/Chain Lightning interactions.

New 1-point talent: Crashing Storms: Crash Lightning damage increased by 40%, and Chain Lightning strikes 2 additional targets.

Gathering Storms has been consolidated down to a 1-point talent.

Hot Hand has been converted to a 2-point talent with the same total values.

Feral Spirit cooldown has been reduced to 90 seconds.

Elemental Spirits no longer reduces the cooldown of Feral Spirits.

Several talents have shifted around due to the above changes.

Thank you all for the continued feedback and testing.