Before the nerfs that resulted in tanks takingĀ 11% more damage, Rextroy challenged himself and soloed Mythic Ruby Life Pools with an undergeared character.


After reading about the upcoming tank survival nerfs, that will make most tanks take about 11% more damage, I decided to challenge myself to solo a mythic dungeon on an undergeared DPS……

The main reason was after reading the reason for the tank nerfs, being that tanks shouldn’t be able to easily solo large portions of encounters after the group has died. It seems really weird why this change is made the same week as hard content is being unlocked… Since m0 is very easy content, and it is not surprising that tanks can solo large portions of them…

This change is giving me flashbacks to Death Strike being nerfed because of random battlegrounds…

Anyway, that was the reason why I set out to try it! And below you will see the strategy I went with:

Malidrussa Chillworn:

This boss was fairly easy overall, the hard part was when the pack of whelps arrived at 75%. It proved really hard for my undergeared unholy DK to survive it before I had gotten enchants for my gear (I did manage the first wave, but died shortly after) After improving my character, and changing talents to obtain more damage, it wasn’t too bad. Unholy DK overall has a lot of magic defense available to survive, and the boss does a large amount of magic!

Kokia Blazehoof: This has to be one of the buggiest bosses I tried to solo so far!

Originally I tried to brute-force it, but there were too many obstacles to overcome (DPS-wise) for my undergeared DK.

The adds would keep spawning, so I had to find a way to get rid of them.

I tried to outrange them, and that worked for a while but she kept spawning a new one by the time I got away from them.

I also tested her abilities, it seems like she won’t be able to do anything at all if you stay mounted and run away from her (for example, the activation range on her summon ability is about 20 yards). But while mounted I couldn’t do anything to her either… so that didn’t work. The thing I tried, that actually got me progress to solo her, was that certain locations (the rocky parts on the sides) gave her trouble when spawning adds…

She wasn’t able to find a valid location to spawn the blazebound firestorm, for at least 1 minute! And then I noticed that her pathing was really weird and slow around those parts..

When I tested the same thing on the other side, she got completely stuck!

And she was close enough for my Unholy Blight, to be able to hit her through walls It’s even odder that I made her get stuck since she does have the ability to teleport targeted players to her, if she feels like they are “unreachable”… Perhaps Death Knights are immovable juggernauts after all. So I kept damaging her with Unholy blight for about an hour, and she fell after 67 minutes of combat! Not the most honorable solo but clean nevertheless!

Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein: I almost thought I would get stuck unable to solo this boss because Stormslam (Stormvein ability) stacks up really fast… Faster than I can get rid of the magic debuff with anti-magic shell It also goes through line of sight! The two things that saved me, and gave me a chance to solo it, was that he won’t start casting the ability unless he is close to you… And his movement speed is REALLY slow! Oh, and the boss room is perfectly made to be able to kite them on the bridge… it almost feels like an intentional strategy…

Anyway, after kiting them for a while, and being really careful with my abilities, I managed to finish them off! Was a tough fight however

My highest HPS reached in the dungeon was about 47k… about 85% of that being Death Strike…

Maybe another nerf is in order?

Here’s the full video soloing the Mythic Dungeon with his Item Level 345 Blood Death Knight!