Don’t throw away dungeon rings with the following flavor text: “Tattukiaka in Iskaara would be interested in this sort of thing.”. You can turn them in for the Ivory Trader’s Ottuk mount.

Ivory Trader’s Ottuk

The three rings drop in dungeons and you can farm them on any difficulty.

Platinum Star Band — drops from Vexamus in Algeth’ar Academy.

Thunderous Downburst Ring — drops from the Raging Tempest in Nokhud Offensive.

Unstable Arcane Loop — drops from Leymor in the Azure Vault.

Image courtesy of Grayvves.

Please note you will be HANDING in the RINGS for the MOUNT, which means they will disappear from your inventory even when you got them equipped! Let’s say you have 2 rings equipped and 1 in your inventory. Turning them in for the mount will make all 3 rings disappear. If you have multiple versions, the NPC will prioritize consuming the lower-item level rings in your inventory first, then proceed with your higher item-level equipped rings. Just to be sure, we recommend you to have the three rings in your inventory and unequip and place your equipped rings in the bank.

If you’ve destroyed any of the rings above by accident, don’t forget to use the Item Restoration Service.

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Thanks to Reddit user Grayvves for the tip!

Source: Reddit