The fourth and final week of Turbulent Timewalking is here with Legion Dungeons and the Pet Battle Bonus Event! We’ve updated our daily and weekly to-do list to help you prioritize your goals in the game this week!

Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 Week #5 To-Do List

I Haven’t Played Patch 10.0.7 Yet

Below you will find a list of goals for Patch 10.0.7 if you haven’t played the patch yet:

Complete the Forbidden Reach intro quest to unlock Zskera Vaults and obtain your Onyx Annulet (Item Level 405+ ring).

Collect the 8 new Dragonriding Glyphs in the Forbidden Reach. The new Dragonriding Perks are mainly intended for Herbalism and Mining.

Humans and Orcs can complete quests for their Heritage Armor Sets.

An optional Winterpelt Furbolg reputation grind offers various rewards.

I Have Played Patch 10.0.7. What’s New This Week?

If you have played Patch 10.0.7 already, here’s what’s new this week!

Kill world boss Bazual for Item Level 395 loot. The boss spawns in the Azure Span.

The last week of Turbulent Timewalking starts today. You can get 1 piece of Heroic Difficulty Vault of the Incarnates loot by completing 5 Timewalking Dungeons for the weekly quest.

This week’s Timewalking event is centered around Legion.

Timewalking Dungeons drop Item Level 359 loot.

The Pet Battle Bonus Event is available this week, which means XP gains from Battles are increased by 50%.

This week’s PvP Brawl is Cooking Impossible. 

The Zskera Vaults have reset. Don’t forget to complete a fresh run.

Prioritize completing Forbidden Reach content.

Complete Trial of the Storm event for a guaranteed piece of loot.

Defeat Forbidden Reach Rares.

Open Treasure Chests.

Other Goals

Focus on clearing the Vault of the Incarnates raid for loot on other difficulties for loot and completing your Tier Set, and of course, unlocking more gear choices in the Great Vault.

If you don’t raid, try completing the raid on Raid Finder Difficulty. The minimum item level to queue up for the raid is 359.

Try to clear at least 8 Mythic Dungeons per week to unlock all item choices in the Great Vault.

Collect Honor in PvP to unlock more item choices in the Great Vault.

Complete Primal Storms for catch-up gear.

If you need to gear your alts, you can send them BoA tokens from the Forbidden Reach.

Pick up the Weekly Quest in Valdrakken named “Aiding the Accord“. Gather 3,000 reputation with any of the four major factions to receive 500 reputation with all factions and a chance at one piece of gear which scales with your Item Level. Don’t worry if you didn’t complete last week’s quest, the progress will carry over.

If your main has Renown maxed out with a Major Faction, you will instead receive a BoA reputation token that you can send to alts, granting them a lot of reputation with the catch-up (thanks @jarger)!

Increase your Renown with the four major factions by completing World Quests and World Events.

At Renown 5 with Maruuk Centaur, complete Grand Hunts to receive Grand Hunt Spoils. The first hunt of the week has a chance to contain the Plainswalker Bearer mount.

Complete Valdrakken Profession Quests for Skill Points and Profession Knowledge.

Complete Show Your Mettle for easy Artisan’s Mettle.

Defeat Super Rares for gear.

Complete Siege of the Dragonbane Keep for a chance at loot.

Complete the weekly Community Feast for loot and 500 reputation with the Iskarra Tuskarr.

Recommended Addons

There are multiple WeakAuras that help you track your objectives in Dragonflight. We recommend you check them out:

Tama’s Forbidden Reach Helper

Xirev’s Dragonflight 30 Minute Rare Spawn Timer (for Dragon Isles Rares, does not support Forbidden Reach for some reason).

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!