Square Enix holds an annual event to celebrate another year of FFXIV’s success, and this year is no different. With special cutscenes and usually a small gift, here’s what to expect this year.

As we come up on the 9th anniversary of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, there’s a lot to look back on. The Rising will be returning August 27th, the day after the Moonfire Faire ends, to do just that. Each year during the Rising, we meet the character The Wandering Minstrel, who is heavily based on Director Naoki Yoshida himself. 

In fact, the Wandering Minstrel delivers a message to us each year from Yoshida-san, thanking players for their support for the game and for the overwhelming positivity they receive from the community. The Rising is never a long event; it’s just one quest with a minor reward, and a cutscene with the aforementioned message of thanks.

All that said, though, The Rising is an incredibly wholesome event encouraging us to reflect on all our happy memories as we adventured through Eorzea, and giving us more adventures to look forward to. The Rising goes live August 27th and ends September 12th.

The Rising Returns August 27! [Source]

On August 27, FINAL FANTASY XIV celebrates its ninth anniversary with the Rising. Be sure to join the rest of Eorzea for this year’s festivities!

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