Miners and herbalists have had one giant issue for the past many, many years as they would fly or ride in to get that lovely node or herb, only to have it fade out of existence the moment they start harvesting it. Well today we might just have the pinnacle of that particular sharding problem, as WarsongNr had an extremely nightmarish mining experience.

It’s difficult to explain just how frustrating this is if you haven’t run into it (although if you ever used mining or herbalism, you definitely have), as it’s hard not to take it personally when a node sees you coming and then elects to dissipate out of existence rather than have you harvest it. However, this particular example is very extreme and I never ran into anything close to this in 19 years of harvesting. It’s also pretty hilarious when it’s not happening to you, so WarsongNr, we salute and thank you!